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Bella Blaze, The Rustic Frog New Albany


Virtual Dancer

Wednesday, Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday

Skin: White


Height:5 FT 8 IN









Bella Blaze

Bella was 18-years-old when she started waitressing at a small, working-class strip club.  The management at her club wielded both carrot and stick to get Bella on stage:  they threatened her with a job loss while plying her with alcohol.

Bella shared, “I started waitressing at the club. My girlfriend got me the job waitressing. I waitressed for two or three months, and I got used to the money. And then they got me real drunk one night, and they told me that they ‘really didn’t need as many waitresses.’ They were going to have to cut back, so I ‘needed to dance or find me a new job.’ They got me a little bit drunker, and I got up there. That’s all it was I got hooked ,

Since Then I have been obsessed with dancing ,Having every Eye in the club Makes me Tingle.

Something About multiple Guy’s Fucking me With Their Eyes really Turns me On”.  

At The Rustic Frog.





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