(812) 590 2620

Riley Starr, The Rustic Frog New Albany


Virtual Dancer

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Skin: White


Height:5ft 3in









Riley Starr

Riley started dancing in 2018 at Body Shop Lounge in Louisville, KY. She was 25.

She had always loved to dance & had thought about being a dancer for a while, but a friend finally pushed her into just diving into it. She had never even stepped foot into a strip club until the day she went to ask for a job as a dancer.

Riley Stated ,At the time I was going through a lot and was really a shy person with a lot of anxiety, Dancing gave me my confidence back. I didn’t know what to expect going there, but as soon as I stepped onto that stage I immediately fell in love with how free I felt.

Riley is more than just a name to me. Riley gave me my spark back that I had forgotten was there. Being Riley is my escape from all the bullshit I deal with daily. She’s My Muse.

The Rustic Frog.

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